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Coalition Negotiations Must Begin Immediately

By Stuart Hertzog
October 10th, 2008

For the opposition parties to form a coalition government, a formal letter stating their intent and ability to do so must sent to the Governor General as soon as the election results are announced. Without this, she would have no alternative but to ask Stephen Harper to form another minority government. The leaders of the four opposition parties must immediately begin negotiations to thrash out a working agreement. To delay would be to open the door for a second and more repressive Stephen Harper minority régime that 64% of Canadians do not want.

The four opposition party leaders

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An open letter to the leaders of the four opposition parties

Stéphane Dion Liberal Party

Jack Layton New Democratic Party

Gilles Duceppe Bloc Québécois

Elizabeth May Green Party

To the four leaders of the Opposition:

You are competing against each other in trying to stop Stephen Harper from forming another minority government. This forces many Canadians who don’t want Stephen Harper to continue in power to vote strategically.

I believe that it’s not enough to try to stop another minority Harper government in Canada by strategic voting, although that’s a start. Until our voting system is changed to one of proportional representation, it would seem at first glance to be the best most concerned Canadians can do. 

Yet if Stephen Harper can continue as Prime Minister with another parliamentary minority, that’s enough for him to pursue his US-inspired, ultra right-wing, anti-social, anti-environment, secretive, repressive, and continentalist agenda — a prospect that really alarms me.

Stephen Harper wants to create a Canada that most Canadians don’t want.

I always thought that Democracy meant the rule of the majority, but a minority government means that Canada would be run once again by a political party with only, if the current pollsters current predictions prove to be accurate, around 34% support of Canadians.

Whatever happened to the democratic principle of majority rule?

I want the Governor General not to ask Stephen Harper to form the next government of Canada. Instead, I want her to respect the wishes of the two-third majority of voting Canadians and ask your four parties to try to form a coalition government.

Formal letter a necessity

I believe that the Governor General has the power to do this, and that there may be historical precedent to enable her to take this course of action. However, I understand that former Governor General Ed Schreyer believes that to do so she must have a formal letter signed by you, stating your intentions. Please ask him about this.

What is required is a formal submission, in writing, by the parties who have agreed to form a coalition requesting that the Governor General recognize you collectively as the government. If the Governor General feels that you could indeed function as a coalition and that this would be preferable to any other alternative, such a request could be granted.

This means that you must be ready to form a coalition by October 14th, 2008. 

Will you each put aside your antipathies towards each other and work to find your common principles and policies? Will you do this for the poor and needy; for the workers; for business people; for the environment and other species; and for the kind of Canada that the majority of Canadians clearly want? 

Will you begin to explore this possibility, NOW?

Historic moment for Canada

If you could do this, it would be an watershed moment in Canadian history. 

  • It may help to reduce the dissatisfaction that many Canadians feel about the current political system. 
  • It may stop save thousands of Canadians from losing their homes and businesses, and give others the hope of ever finding a roof over their head.
  • It may prevent the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars on an unwinnable war in Afghanistan that is bringing pain, misery, and even death to thousands of innocent individuals and families, including innocent children, both Afghani and Canadian.
  • It may prevent the absorption of Canada into a expanded United States of North America,
  • It may save millions on our entire planet from impending global climate catastrophe.

I urgently beg you to consider this possibility, and to begin negotiations NOW. 

Are you prepared to do this? I and millions of Canadians want to know.

Yours for a democratic, equitable, ethical, and sustainable future,

Stuart Hertzog

October 10, 2008

Victoria, British Columbia


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