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Is Homelessness Deliberate Social Policy?

Jack_Etkin_01_half.jpgJACK ETKIN WRITES: In my opinion, homelessness is deliberate, not on the part of the homeless but on the part of the people who are running this country. $1 billion per year in five years would create 30,000 units of housing, which could house homeless people all across Canada and probably reduce rents overall.

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Members’ Privacy Compromised

Fair Voting BC logoThis week many members received an email exhorting them to become involved in Fair Voting BC, a BC non-profit formed to promote proportional representation in this province. This invasion of party members’ privacy is a betrayal of trust and should never have been allowed.

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Live BC Leadership Webcast A Bust

The Promised WebcastThe BC Green party’s attempt at broadcasting its final leadership debate live over the Internet quickly turned into a technical bust. But every cloud has a silver lining: they’re using it as an exercise in damage control. Could this be a sign that the BC Green Party is becoming like all the others?

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Go Home, Wonderboy!

Christopher BennettSince his appointment in April, Christopher Ian Bennett has been acting like a crazy Caribbean pirate, firing off his personal opinions like a loose cannon while steering the party ship onto some very sharp and dangerous political rocks. Unfortunately, he’s been leaving many members behind, and should be stopped.

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