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Liberal Rejects Good Enough For Greens?

Blair WilsonAlthough an eight-month Elections Canada investigation cleared him of any serious wrongdoing, the choice of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast MP Blair Wilson as Canada’s first Green MP throws serious doubt on Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s commitment to the fundamental Green political principles of ecocentrism and grassroots democracy.

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No Ecology In Italian Politics


Country Report — Italy

Mainstream Italian politicians claim to pursue the sustainable path, but their real aim is continued economic growth, explains Italian correspondent Guido Dalla Casa. Unfortunately, the Italian Green Party also has nothing ‘deep green’ about it, so no help for the planet will come out of Italy.

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NGOs In Russia: To Be Or Not To Be?

Dr. Vladimir F.Levchenko

Country Report — Russia

The state of Russian NGOs is a mirror of the state of Russian society. This means considerable atomization of Green and other citizens movements, and an inadequate understanding of present-day reality by the Russian people as a whole, writes our Russian correspondent Dr. Vladimir F.Levchenko.

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