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I don’t like to see links underlined all the time, so I’ve designed the links on the site to turn red and become underlined only when you mouse over them.

If you haven’t yet visited them, they will be orange (in text) or dark green (article titles). Once you’ve visited them, they will turn a lighter shade of green. (Perhaps that should be the other way around?)

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An associated discussion site is accessible by clicking on Forum in the top navigation bar, or directly at forum.greenpolitics.ca. Here you can post responses to existing topics, or start a new discussion topic.

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If you are having a problem with this site or want to submit feedback about it, please contact the Administrator at admin@greenpolitics.ca.

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If you have any problem using this site or can see ways of improving your user experience, please dont hesitate to email the Administrator at admin@greenpolitics.ca

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