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A field of sunflowersGreen politics is not just about the environment. It is far more holistic than that. Green political philosophy is based on an egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, eco-centric, environmentally concerned and decidedly democratic approach to governance. Green principles must not be forgotten by Greens everywhere.

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On Leadership

There are basically two kinds of political and social leader — those who seek power over others, and those who lead by example and empowerment. Green politics was never supposed to imitate the ‘top-down’ authoritarianism of the mainstream political parties. Green politics rests on the belief that everyone in a free and democratic society has the right to voice and vote in decision-making.

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The Climate Conundrum

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear: unless we can swiftly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions on an emergency basis to 90% of present levels, we’ve going to create irreversible climate change and a very insecure future for our grandchildren. How can we each play our part in reducing global warming?

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Haves and Have-Nots

There’s a growing gulf between those in our society that have — jobs, income, property, family — and those who have not. And that gulf is widening to include many more formerly middle-class people in the ‘have-not’ category.

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Welcome to the Corporate Era

I believe we are now entering a new period in history. Welcome to the corporate era. It’s going to be an interesting time — especially if you’re not safely ensconced inside a corporate castle. From the outside, the castle walls look cold, dark, and steep.

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