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Live BC Leadership Webcast A Bust

By Stuart Hertzog
September 14th, 2007

Jerky, stuttering video and audio mars candidate face-off

the Stickem screenI’m sitting at my computer in Victoria, trying to watch the last BC Green Party leadership debate in Vancouver live over the Internet.

Unfortunately, this amateurish attempt at a live Webcast is a technological bust.

Did they check it out beforehand? Or did they change something at the last minute?

It’s being webcast by Stickam, a LA-based site that hosts on-demand and audio and video feeds. Nice to know that the BC Green Party uses its members’ money to boost the profits of US corporations.

Stickam is owned by Advanced Video Communications, whose web site site boasts that their technology “ …is driving the next wave of business communications with rich media… that liberate users from time and geographical constraints.”

Great claim, guys — but does it work? I mean, reliably? For Canadians?

Perhaps they should call their site Stick’em. This webcast features stuttering, low quality audio, and jerky video that sticks on one frame for minutes at a time. Stickam? Stick’em for the bill, I say — if the audio and video problems are indeed theirs.

Not ready for Prime Time

More serious, from the little I saw of the debate the format and presentation chosen by the party poo-bahs was simply a mindless and unprofessional imitation of the polished, controlled, and highly formulaic leadership debates pumped out by all the Canadian and US networks.

Heavily over-moderated, each speaker is forced to slot his or her comments into a tiny time-slot. Set questions; no real debate.

We’ve seen it all before, and it’s boring.

Except that in this case, it only served to reinforce the image of the Green party as a childish bunch of wannabees pretending to be up-and-coming political heavyweights. The bottom line is that BC Green Party is still nowhere near ready for Prime Time. Sorry!

Oh! They’ve cut the video feed and now I can hear the audio. Catch you later!…

Remember to turn it off when it’s over

P.S. Remember to turn the feed off when the program is over, guys! We could hear your post-mortem yakking even more clearly than we could make out what the five leadership hopefuls were mumbling.

Wait! Even though I heard them saying that the snafu was due to their own technical incompetence, I now hear them being warned not to speak to anyone about this as tomorrow the party’s spin doctors are going to frame the débacle as “due to overwhelming demand, our servers were overloaded…”

Now that’s a good sign the Green party is growing up.

They’re learning to lie just like the others…


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