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Solstice of the Female Rain

Is anywhere as magnificent, as lovely, as lush

As my home?

“My home?”

I’m no more than an insecure egg

In a nest in a tree

Which has itself grown through magma and ice

Which held mastodon and dragons

And not so long ago

Was crushed

Miles deep by glaciers.

I am in awe of June rains as daisies bloom

And comfrey leaves overtake

Bravely flowering Iris —

Where blue flag wants the driveway

And infant, budless Black-Eyed Susan

Sublimely claims the center strip.

It is a blessing to live in Buckland

And if there is ownership, perhaps

This owns me.

— Penny Novack

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1 comment

1 Beau Peyton { 09.26.09 at 8:14 am }

nicely done, penny…hope you and Mike are well….Beau