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Visions of Ecotopia

Penny Novack

How can humans become ecocentric, a part of and symbiotic with the ecosphere or even our own watershed, our own local ecosystem? And how might our future humankind have gained those ways of perceiving themselves within our world’s living systems? Eco-centric poet Penny Novak describes her vision of ecotopia.

February 23, 2011   Comments Off on Visions of Ecotopia

The American Dream

By Penny Novack Thinking to myself, daydreaming as I watch Golden bliss slip into my tea, the thought comes, “How would I describe honey for those Who will never see honey?” Just that suddenly, visions of a world bereft Of honey, of songbirds, of ancient groves Take me and I see: We have poisoned our […]

August 21, 2010   Comments Off on The American Dream


If I Could feed you light, Set you free In a field Of August vines bearing Sweets — If I Could feed you air, Set you free At mountain peak Mouth blue with berries– Wind — If I Could feed you fire, Set you free To warm a night Of deep woods and stars, Peace […]

November 14, 2009   Comments Off on Legacy

Solstice of the Female Rain

Is anywhere as magnificent, as lovely, as lush As my home? “My home?” I’m no more than an insecure egg In a nest in a tree Which has itself grown through magma and ice Which held mastodon and dragons And not so long ago Was crushed Miles deep by glaciers. I am in awe of […]

June 23, 2009   1 Comment