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Tactility Lost, Tactility Regained

Viktor Ivanovitch PostnikovHave you ever experienced a situation in which you meditate on an idea for some time and, surprisingly, acquire confirmations from various sources? Such coincidences brought Russian writer Victor Postnikov to the idea of ‘lost tactility,’ and the need for us to regain it through poetry and magic.

October 5, 2009   2 Comments

Solstice of the Female Rain

Is anywhere as magnificent, as lovely, as lush As my home? “My home?” I’m no more than an insecure egg In a nest in a tree Which has itself grown through magma and ice Which held mastodon and dragons And not so long ago Was crushed Miles deep by glaciers. I am in awe of […]

June 23, 2009   1 Comment

The Poetic Paganism of Alexander Blok

Demon Sitting by Alexamder Vrubel, 1890Alexander Blok (1880–1921) was one of the greatest Russian lyricists of the 20th century. A posthumous collection of his poetry became a constant source of inspiration for writer and translator Victor Postnikov. This small book of verse from his father’s library launched him on his quest to to preserve Russian poetry.

June 10, 2009   Comments Off on The Poetic Paganism of Alexander Blok

From Russia

This leaf, this withered leaf, Which listlessly downward drifts, Tomorrow will rise again, Will settle on a branch’s sprig This snow, this purest snow, Which lies on the ground still, To the heavens tomorrow will soar, To the stars it will steer This bow-backed, grey-haired man, Like a mirrored light in space, Will come to […]

January 24, 2009   Comments Off on From Russia

The Poetic Aspects of Deep Ecology

The main premise of the poetic paradigm is that the mind has an intimate connection with poetry, which imparts greater meaning to life. This connection has been recognized by many poets and philosophers of the past; however, it is now that their ideas seem vital for raising human consciousness and saving the planet. Writer, poet, and translator Victor Postnikov traces the poetic vision of humanity as a constant struggle for greater consciousness, and shows its relevancy for contemporary society.

August 16, 2008   1 Comment