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Eco-Socialism or Barbarism: An Appeal

The failure of capitalism as an economic system is becoming obvious, write leading European eco-socialists Saral Sarkar and Bruno Kern. Mass unemployment is becoming commonplace in almost all countries, and where the economy is growing, mostly it is jobless growth. Welfare states are being dismantled , and almost everywhere one hears of crises of one or the other kind. In large parts of the world abject poverty prevails, and even establishment economists are at a loss. These two authors outline the core of their analysis and vision of eco-socialism.

February 7, 2010   2 Comments

The Left in Left-Biocentrism

Many Deep Ecologists and other ecological thinkers have over the years declared that the politics of ecology transcend the traditional categories of Left and Right. In the early 1980’s the slogan, “We are Neither Left nor Right but Ahead” became a popular cliché of some Green political parties and movement groups. By putting the word ‘Left’ in front of biocentrism, Saskatchewan writer David Greenfield explains that Left-Biocentrism is bucking the trend among Deep Ecologists, and clearly indicating that there is more to be said about the social aspects of Deep Ecology.

July 29, 2008   1 Comment