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Recommended reading

Here are some primary texts that have influenced the deep ecology and left-biocentric movements, listed in alphabetical order by title:

A Sand County Almanac
Aldo Leopold

Ballantine Books, 1966, ISBN 0-345-25336-1-195

A land ethic.

Avoiding Social And Ecological Disaster
Rudolf Bahro

Gateway Books, 1994, ISBN 0-946551-71-5

The politics of world transformation.

Dharma Rain
Stephanie Kaza and Kenneth Kraft

Shambhala Publications, 2000, ISBN 1-570624-75-5

The Buddhist world view and its relation to deep ecology and activism

Don’t Think Of An Elephant
George Lakoff

Chelsea Green publishing, 2004, ISBN 1-931498-71-1

How to frame your words to get the results you want.

Earth Alive
Stan Rowe

NeWest Press, ISBN 9-781897-126035

The Earth is our only home; we are Earthlings.

Ecological Ethics
Patrick Curry

Polity, 2006, ISBN 0-7456-2908-3

An ecological ethic is both needed and possible.

Ecology, Community And Lifestyle
Arne Naess

Cambridge University Press, 1989, ISBN 0-521-34873-0

A philosophy based on the assumption that life matters.

Environmental Culture: The Ecological Crisis of Reason
Val Plumwood

Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0-415-17878-9

Cogent critique of anthropocentrism with positive counter-suggestions.

Gutenberg Galaxy
Marshall McLuhan

University of Toronto Press, 1962, ISBN 978-0802060412

The connection between culture, language, and mass media.

Home Place
Stan Rowe

NeWest Press, 2002, ISBN 1-896300-53-7

The Earth is our home; we should treat it so.

In the Absence of the Sacred
Jerry Mander

Sierra Club Books, 1992, ISBN 0-871565-09-9

Destruction of indigenous wisdom by western technological civilization.

William Catton

University of Illinois Press, 1982, ISBN 0-252-00988-6

The age of exuberance is over. The branch has already been sawed off.

Regarding Nature: Industrialism and Deep Ecology
Andrew McLaughlin

SUNY Press, 1993, ISBN 0-7914-1384-5

Develops a theoretical background integrating deep ecology and social justice in a scholarly and left manner.

Steps to an ecology of Mind
Gregory Bateson

University Of Chicago Press, 2000, ISBN 0-226039-05-6

Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology—a vast and challenging book.

The Culture Of Extinction: Toward A Philosophy Of Deep Ecology
Frederic L. Bender

Humanity Books, New York, 2003, ISBN 1-59102-055-7

“Progressive political change, Earth-oriented spirituality, and an ecological world view can and must reinforce each other, since they are equally vital to radical ecology’s future impact.”

The Fallacy Of Wildlife Conservation
John Livingston

McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1981, ISBN 0-7710-5336-3

Anthrpocentric valuation of nature always loses.

The Future Does Nor Compute
Stephen Talbott

CENGAGE Learning, 1995, ISBN: 1-565920-85-6

The perils of computer technologies and how to transcend the machines in our souls.

The Greening of Ethics: From Human Chauvinism to Deep-Green Theory
Richard Sylvan and David Bennett

White Horse Press, Cambridge, 1994, ISBN 0-8165-1529-8

Made the key ideas of Deep Green Theory, from this ‘bad boy’ of deep ecology, available to a wider audience for the first time.

The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
Robinson Jeffers

Stanford University Press, 2001, ISBN 0-804741-08-5

The poetry of deep ecology, originally published 1938.

The Spell Of The Sensuous
David Abram

Vintage Books, 1997, ISBN 0-679-77639-7

How we got disconnected from the real world, and how to reconnect.

The Spirit In The Gene
Reg Morrison

Cornell University Press, 1999, ISBN

Human genetic drivers are leading to catastrophe.

The Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell

Little, Brown & Co, 2000, ISBN 0-965-022437

Little things can add up to exponential changes.

The Turning Point
Fritjof Capra

Simon and Schuster, 1982, ISBN: 0553345729

The profound analysis of deep crisis which has afflicted all fields of western science.

Thinking like a mountain
John Seed, Arne Naess, Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming

New Society Publishers, 2007, ISBN 9781897408001

The brief ‘poetical bible’ of deep ecology written by the founders.

To Have or To Be
Erich Fromm

Harper & Row, 1976, ISBN: 0-060113-79-0

The human obsession with power and consumption from the viewpoint of psychoanalysis.

Walden and Other Writings
Henry Thoreau

Bantam Books, 1962, ISBN 0-553-21012-2

A better life is possible: live simply.