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David Orton dies at 77

David OrtonWriter, philosopher and longtime “deep green” environmental activist, David Orton died at his home in Watervale, Pictou County, New Brunswick on May 12th, 2011. He was 77. Orton, who founded the Left-bio movement, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March.

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The Left Biocentrism Primer

This document came about as the result of a protracted collective discussion among a number of people who support both Left Biocentrism and Deep Ecology. Discussions took place on the left-bio email list, which was organised by David Orton of Saltsprings, Nova Scotia, and Ian Whyte of Ottawa, Ontario. The Primer was first promulgated on […]

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Deep Ecology and Alternative Political Models

The complexity and interdependence of ecosystems mean that exclusively human-centric social organizations pose an increasingly grave threat to non-human species and to the environment, as well as to indigenous human societies. Incorrect decisions made by the dominant human power structure can easily propagate and augment their impact. Decentralisation of power and “local” solutions seem to offer the only remedies that can avert us from imminent global destruction, writes Ukrainian eco-centrist Victor Postikov.

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Not Freedom But Community

Tom HolzingerBotswana-based writer Tom Holzinger suggests that the ultimate social goal for left bio-centrists is the turn or return to voluntary social and ecological communities as our primary form of organisation. Replacing capitalism then becomes a necessary means to this end, an intermediate goal.

July 26, 2009   2 Comments

The Poetic Aspects of Deep Ecology

The main premise of the poetic paradigm is that the mind has an intimate connection with poetry, which imparts greater meaning to life. This connection has been recognized by many poets and philosophers of the past; however, it is now that their ideas seem vital for raising human consciousness and saving the planet. Writer, poet, and translator Victor Postnikov traces the poetic vision of humanity as a constant struggle for greater consciousness, and shows its relevancy for contemporary society.

August 16, 2008   1 Comment

The Left in Left-Biocentrism

Many Deep Ecologists and other ecological thinkers have over the years declared that the politics of ecology transcend the traditional categories of Left and Right. In the early 1980’s the slogan, “We are Neither Left nor Right but Ahead” became a popular cliché of some Green political parties and movement groups. By putting the word ‘Left’ in front of biocentrism, Saskatchewan writer David Greenfield explains that Left-Biocentrism is bucking the trend among Deep Ecologists, and clearly indicating that there is more to be said about the social aspects of Deep Ecology.

July 29, 2008   1 Comment