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The Age of Razor Wire

razor wire with bloodstainA trip to a ferry terminal turned into a reminder of the fragility of democratic rights and the insidious way that both Liberal and Conservative governments have secretly adopted the self-serving corporate agenda of North American integration. Is the repressive, anti-democratic Security and Prosperity Partnership the beginning of The Age of Razor Wire?

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The divine right of Prime Ministers

Court government and the collapse of accountability book coverBook Review If you’re wondering why all recent prime ministers start behaving like autocrats once in office, it’s because Canada and the UK have moved to a Court system of government, explains University of Moncton public administration professor Donald Savoie. Not light reading, but an invaluable book if you want to understand Canadian federal politics.

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Which way ahead?

Which way to go? The signs are confusing.The collapse of the Coalition after its rejection by Liberal leader Ignatieff has left many Canadians disappointed and dismayed. Does its success in forcing the government to revise its attitude towards deficit budgeting plus the substantial grassroots support that erupted on Facebook groups and the Internet mean that there is a future for coalition politics in Canada?

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A mean and nasty budget

The Leader of the Blue MeaniesTheir vote this week to support Harper’s ‘stimulus’ budget puts Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals firmly in bed with Canada’s very own Blue Meanies, and raises questions as to whether there is any real difference between Ignatieff’s Liberals and Harper’s newly-centralist Conservatives. It’s just a question of competing élites who both believe in their superiority.

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Le Coalition est mort – Vive le Coalition!

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff January 28, 2009Today’s announcement by Ignatieff that his caucus has decided to support the Conservative budget came as no surprise. But by merely rapping the government on the knuckles with an amendment that only requires it to report on its progress three times this year, Ignatieff has in effect formed a tacit coalition with Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

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The Policy Accord

A Policy Accord to Address the Present Economic Crisis Preamble The new Government is supported by parties that share a commitment to fiscal responsibility, a progressive agenda and a belief in the role of Government to act as a partner with Canadians and Quebecers. Where appropriate, these goals should be pursued in full partnership and […]

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Join the fight for democratic government

Four-coloured Maple LeafDemocracy means the rule of the majority, but with another minority government, Canada is being governed by a prime minister with only 22% support of the Canadian electorate. Whatever happened to the principle of majority rule?

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