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Canada’s pathological political system

Canada’s social-political structure is pathological, Salmon Arm MD Dr. Warren Bell told the Joint Review Panel on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline at its hearings in Kelowna on January 28, 2013. The relentless marginalization of First Nations; an electoral system that generates non-representative governments; the huge concentration of political power in the Prime Minister’s Office; and the rise of corporate influence have created a pathological society.

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Harper’s anti-environment trickery

Ecojustice lawyer Will AmosAn environmental time bomb that could put all of Canada’s rivers and coastal regions under threat of energy, resort or industrial development has been quietly hidden under cover of the billions of dollars of economic stimulus in the 2009 budget bill. Passing it would make the Liberal Party complicit with Harper in gutting Canada’s environmental protection legislation.

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Enviro coalition challenges Harper

Germany uses 20% wind powerA powerful coalition of environmental groups, big unions, scientists, business people and citizens is challenging Stephen Harper to invest up to $41 billion in green energy funding and infrastructure energy efficiency updates in this month’s budget. But behind the scenes, Stephen Harper may be secretly planning to gut Canada’s Environmental Protection Act.

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