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Democracy means the rule of the majority, but too often our country is governed by a party with only minority support of the eligible Canadian electorate. Whatever happened to the principle of majority rule?

It’s time for democratic reform

Canada’s democracy is antiquated. Its first-past-the-post electoral system flip-flops between one-sided governments that often are not supported by the majority of voters, when a coalition government would better represent the views of most Canadians. Our parliamentary system also needs reform. By degrees, power has been taken away from parliament and concentrated into the prime minister’s office. This institutionalised autocracy is not democratic.

Join the fight for democratic representation

We’ve set up a Facebook group called Majority Coalition Canada. Click on the blue button to the left to join this group. You will need a Facebook account to become a member. You can also follow us on twitter.

Petition your local MP and the four party leaders

Take a few minutes to click on the orange message button on this page for a simple form to write and send an email urging your MP and the party leaders to defend our democracy. Your personal information will be held secure and used only for this campaign.

Become The Change we need — Inform yourself!

Pressure from concerned Canadians like yourself will help the three Opposition parties move past any short-term goals or personal ambition. It’s time for a new approach to Canadian politics. By informing yourself, you can become part of that change. Browse our growing collection of news reports on coalition politics for the latest on this ongoing story.

Read and comment on the posts on our Blog site

Click on the purple button on the left to reach the front page of our Blog site. Here you’ll find commentary on the progress of the parliamentary coalition. Updated frequently, it’s a treasure-trove of political history for political junkies and pol-sci students alike — and for anyone who wants to preserve and improve our parliamentary democracy.

Donate a small amount to help keep this site online

Donate to help keep this site online by clicking on the donation button to the left. It’s always a balancing act to stay ahead of costs so we can keep a non-profit web site such as this alive. Your donations will be used to promote the notion of a progressive coalition government for Canada.

Yours for a progressive and democratic Canada

Stuart Hertzog

Victoria, British Columbia

Canada, 2008

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This page updated: March 16, 2015

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