Multisite – One Installation Shall Rule Them All!

I'm speaking at WordCamp Victoria 2011 250px

Name: Stuart Hertzog
Company: StuArt Communications
Session focus: Setting up a WordPress Multisite

Roll up, Ladies and Gentlepersons! Watch this Presenter walk along the Bleeding Ledge of a Live Presentation, dangerously poised about the Abyss of Failure! Will It Work? Could It Fail? (Note: you can try this at home!)

Against all advice, this will be—rather, is intended to be—a live demonstration of how to set up WordPress 3.2.1 in multisite mode, using subdirectories (not subdomains), with nothing else than an iPad and a (hopefully!) live Internet connection.

The session will flow as follows:

  • Downloading the latest version of WordPress
  • Uploading to the home directory on a Web hosting service
  • The famous Five-Minute WordPress Installation
  • Making it multisite by:
    • adding the multisite directive
    • editing the .htacess file
  • Setting up your main (root) blog
  • Adding other blogs to the multisite
  • Importing data from existing blogs
  • See it working on a multi-blog site
  • Questions about installation

We will then move into an open discussion of:

  • Uses of multisite setups
  • Managing users
  • Other issues

Session link: Setting up a WordPress Multisite

Blog link:
Target Audience: Intermediate
Target Audience: Experienced Bloggers, Web Developers