Welcome to my Web portfolio

Stuart 128

Hi! You’ve reached my digital portfolio site. It contains a collection of the past few years of my WordPress blogs and Drupal web sites. And you thought one blog was enough — but not for me!

Mind you, that’s not to say that I maintain them all religiously. In fact, they go in cycles. An environmental and social justice activist, I’ll set up a site or blog for a specific campaign, then tend to neglect it when that campaign is over. Some of these campaigns go on for years, so over time, I’ve set up and abandoned quite a few sites.

Now, thanks to the wonders of WordPress, they are all sheltered here under one integrated roof. I’ve also included a link to my original freelance portfolio site from way back in Web 1.0 days. (You can return here from the standalone portfolio site by using the ‘blogs’ link.)

I’ve also become proficient in building sites with Drupal, a more powerful (but more difficult) content management system (CMS). Here are my three campaign-related Drupal sites. All of these campaigns are now complete:

I also set up and ran an eBook conversion and publishing service for writers, musicians and all kinds of digital creatives: Pegasus Press. Nice try, but too much work for insufficient returns.

And my most recent and now handed over to the group to manage, Victoria PiMakers And Others, a WordPress site for the Meetup group of the same name, focussed on embedded Linux systems such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Others.